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How to manage the Payment Button on my Client Space?
How to manage the Payment Button on my Client Space?

How to activate payment on an Ezus project?

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💡 Please make sure that you have activated the payment on your Ezus account beforehand. In order to use it, you must follow the procedure in the article ✍️ Activate the Payment Button.

From each Customer Area of your projects, you can then add a new action button called "Payment Link".

Add a Payment Button

For now, add the amount to be paid directly in the "Amount" box. The currency and language are those of the project.

Check that on your link of the stay, you can pay your stay by clicking on the button at the top right:

Your travelers can always comment on your stay via the payment window and from the "bubbles" button.

You will then receive an email validating the correct payment when it is made.

Finally, go to the Payments tab on Ezus and then to your Stripe Expense account to view your payments and remittances from the tracking table.

📱 You can also download the Mobile application to better follow your customers' payments.

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