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We are now integrated with Stripe where you can add the Payment Link directly in the Client Space.
This services requires a KYC (Know Your Customer) which is a verification from us and from Stripe.

Here are the steps to follow:

1/ Fill the online form (1 min)

By filling this form, we'll know your request to activate the Payment Link into your account.

2/ Ezus will get back to you by mail for validation (under 48h)

An email will be sent to you with our user agreement and the service fees.

The Ezus Team keeps the right to refuse online payment for somes agencies accounts. For more informations of our conditions, read our GCU online.

After the agreement signed, a new tab will appear in your account :

Here the Payment Link is already on service but in your account, you will see the button Create my Stripe Account.

3/ It's now time to Sign in your Stripe account (5 min)

  • First of all, you need to fill in your email and phone number.

    ⚠️ Watch out, these informations are very important for your account safety.

  • Then you need to fill the personal information of your company head.

    💡 Be sure to fill the good information because Stripe will ask you some personal documents to confirm your identity.

    ⚠️ "Business Website" must not exceed 22 characters!

    This information is used by stripe as a "Statement descriptor", i.e. the wording that appears on your customers' account statements. = 23 characters

    ✔️ = 19 characters

    ✔️ = 20 characters

  • Select your bank account to link with its IBAN.

    ⚠️ Choose your right account currency because there are fees impacts against international currency cashing.

  • Last but not least, check again all your account's information you input.

    💡 Be sure to add your identity's documents and proof of residence. There are required for the final validation of your account.

💡 For the main activity, you can tap " Travel Agency", " Consulting Services" or any field you are in.

And submit it !

4/ Wait your account confirmation (between 10min and 48H)

Once your account is confirmed by Stripe, you will see a green light on your account.

💡 If you don't have yet the statement descriptor, it means that you have some missing information but it's on track.

To quickly provide them and speed up the account validation, go to your Stripe profil :

Check your completed information and the missing one to add.

Between the receipt of the documents and the Account activation, this can take some time.

And when you are all set, you can now charge your clients into their Client Space !

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