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What roles can my users have?

Because we know that you work with a variety of people, recruit on a short-term basis, and your data is valuable, we've created a number of profiles for you.

  1. The Super-Admin 🐯

He can do anything.

He manages the team on the company's collaborative space. He manages the subscription plans.

     2. The Administrator 🐶

Just like the Super-Admin, it can manage administrators/users/collaborators by changing their roles and/or deleting them from the workspace (with the exception of the Super-Admin, who owns the corporate account).

Particularly suitable for Associates, Full Time Resources.

     3. The User 🐭

Conversely, the User cannot do everything.

For example, it is impossible for him to ⛔️:

  • Export Projects, Clients/Suppliers, Products/Prices.
  • Manage Invoicing.
  • Manage Team Roles.
  • Modify company information (Address, IBAN, VAT etc...).

Suitable for work-study students, trainees or part-time employees.

    4. The Employee 🐵

The Collaborator has the same rights and prohibitions as the User. His/her status is meant to be minimal in order to intervene only on his/her files and to benefit from the team's templates and automations.

It is therefore also impossible for him to ⛔️:

  • Modify Categories and Destinations.
  • Modify Property Settings.
  • Assign Projects and Clients and Suppliers.
  • See the Projects of others.
  • View Clients/Suppliers of others.
  • Especially suitable for business contributors, or collaborators on defined folders.

How do I manage the statuses of my users? 

Simply go to your Settings and click on the Team tab. Then click on the pen on the right to edit.

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