What's new with Ezus in 2023?
Have you missed an improvement in the software? Find here all the new features of the last months. πŸ’»
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In decreasing chronological order, here are the latest news on Ezus software to discover directly by logging into your account :

April 2023

πŸŽ₯ Watch in video the updates for April

  • Manage # clients by Project

From now on you can have a different client for each alternative. All you have to do (if at least a 2nd alternative exists) is to uncheck under your client "Same client for all alternatives".

So, by adding x alternatives you can have x different clients for the same project all with their own program, associated products and specific documents. Quite handy for example for Groups.

  • Enable sound on your Customer Space cover videos

From your Customer Space, you can enable sound on your cover videos. You just need to check the property.

Your travellers will also be able to activate or not the sound on their Customer Space via a "Mute" button on the top left:

  • Customer Area: Adding Programme stages to your Calendar

From your Map tab you can add a property to display an add Calendar button from the Customer Area to the Traveller's Calendar.

  • Easily upload, view and download your purchase invoices from the Supplier File

From your Supplier record, you can now directly add a Purchase Invoice (without necessarily going through the Finance of a Project).

  • Automatically filter in your catalogue according to the Project Destination

When searching for a product in your Programme, you can activate a default filter from your Properties allowing you to display in priority only the Products linked (them or their linked suppliers) to the Destination mentioned on the Project.

  • Modify amounts manually from already established financial documents

On each finalised Invoice you will find in your financial tables the amounts of the Programme at the amount of the document generation. However, as you know, your documents can be modified manually in certain exceptional cases.

If you are an Ezus customer, you can find this ✍️ article on How to define your amounts manually?

  • Manage your financial data more accurately with Project Closing

You can now benefit from a real financial management within your projects allowing you to compare the forecasted purchases and sales via your program and the invoices actually paid in order to have a financial evolution of your real margin. To finalise a project, don't forget to activate the closing which will allow you to have a financial follow-up and more precise and complete statistics!

If you are an Ezus customer, you can find this ✍️ article on Why and How to close a Project on Ezus?

  • Benefit from automatic and manual compression of your imported images

From now on, all images added to your Ezus account will be compressed to avoid overly heavy final documents.

Moreover, you can pro-actively find potentially heavy images in your Media Library that can be directly compressed with a click. Very practical!

  • Other minor improvements have also been added

We have consolidated other parts of the software to improve the overall experience. Examples include the Calendar View of your Current Projects which now shows the photo and name of the linked user; that your Project Managers linked to a project also receive notifications; that many columns have been added to the "Budget > Product Search" view or the "Finance > Supplier > Invoices" view or the Purchasing Table.

And we're already looking forward to the next month of hot new stuff πŸ’— πŸ”₯

March 2023

πŸŽ₯ Watch a video of what's new for March

  • Project > Financials : Product Reservation Table

The addition of a summary table of all the Products of the project in which you can :

  1. Check the reserved products,

  2. Assign suppliers directly to each product (if you had not yet linked your products to the corresponding supplier),

  3. Filter by Supplier.

This view complements the Supplier Management table in the Finance tab, and allows you to better manage the products to be reserved and booked in your Project.

  • Advanced Settings available on all types of Steps

When editing each type of stage (Hosting/Transportation/Activity/Extra), advanced settings are now available. They allow you to highlight certain elements of the stage in certain documents or on the Client Space.

  • Exporting data from the Alternatives table

From the Global view of the Alternatives table (often used to manage pax bases), you can now export all data.

  • Adapt the format of the information in your drop-down menus

Via the Settings, you can now choose what you want to display in your drop-down menus in order to best match your seaches.

  • New automations are possible via the Public API

πŸ’³ Access to the API is only possible from the Professional plan.

In your Settings, at the bottom of the Properties page you can now find your private API Key to connect your account with other digital tools.

The API now has several routes to create, update, send information about Projects, Customers, Products, Suppliers. etc...

For more info, we have just added a section ✍️ Integrations with articles about it.

  • Other smaller improvements have also been added

Properties have been added in the columns of your Products / Projects / Steps Catalog tables ...

New variables for your models are also available to go further in the modeling of your documents (exclusively on "Proposal" via ppt). Notably the possibility to manage the invisibility of text blocks and line breaks in your Slides.

A full screen view is also now available from your Tables.

February 2023

πŸŽ₯ Watch a video of what's new for February

  • Payment link - Create a payment in your projects

Simplify the reception of your payments. From now on, a payent linked to a payment link will be inserted directly into its linked project.

"Financials > Client > Settlements".

  • Project - Link towards shortcuts

There's new shortcuts for "Client Spaces" and "Client Emails' directly on the banner to the left of a project, if this information has been entered.

You can now also integrate these shotcuts in the general vision of a project. You can do this through adding a column.

  • Financial statistics - manual management of real purchases.

You can now manage real margins by hand. In the same way you have been able to manage it for provisional purchases.

  • List view for models

Addition of a list view in addition to the grid view on the models tab

  • Client Space - Configurable Icons

You can now directly configure the icons in the client space associated to a project.

  • Map icons are now configurable

You can now configure the icons associated to an activity to be displayed on the map of your programme.

January 2023

πŸŽ₯ Watch a video of what's new for January

  • Update of the layout Planning

    In your "Planning" view of the program, the distribution of days has been improved so that they are automatically distributed.

  • Calculate your markup based on the purchase price

    If previously you could only calculate the markup on the sales price, you can now also do it on the Purchase Price.

  • Manage multi-currencies in your supplier invoices

    Allows you to see the amount of your purchase invoices in the currency of your supplier.

  • Take over supplier information when duplicating an alternative

    When you create an alternative, the information and documents present in the "Suppliers" finances will also duplicate.

    Don't forget to activate this parameter! πŸ˜‰

  • Follow your clients payments

For accounts with "Payment Link" enabled, you can automatically find all successful and failed payment attempts in your Payment Table.

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