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  1. How do I change my font in Ezus?

  2. Available fonts

  3. Add more fonts with extensions

  4. To go further

Before starting, you should know that some custom fonts cannot be imported. Here are the details you need to know:

1. How do I change my font in Ezus?

To begin with, Ezus uses the Google universe for document finalization with your content inserted automatically.

ℹ️ Remember that there are several document typologies: PPT (Google Slides), Word (Google Docs) and Excel (Google Sheets).

Let's take the example of a PPT document via Google Slides (similar to Word via Google Docs):

  • Go to Templates > Documents > Proposals and enter by clicking on a Template.

  • Then click on a Slide block ( ✍️ What is a slide in my template?) which will open the custom slide and put your mouse in a text box.

    If there is no text added yet, you can easily add text via the insert text box :

  • Via the Font window, which here displays "Tahoma", you can change your font directly.

  • ⚠️ To add other fonts, the "Other Fonts" button must be managed outside of Ezus as it does not display directly.

    Click on this link to create a slide outside of Ezus from which you can display other fonts.

    Select the necessary fonts and add them to the document.

    Write within a text box with the newly added font.

    Copy the slide to the left tab, then come back to Ezus and paste that same slide within your Slide block.

    🎊 You have just imported your new font to Ezus. Now you can select it to edit your text boxes.

💡 Good to know: The added font is available in all templates in your Ezus account, and also on Word documents (Google Docs) via Templates > Descriptions.

For an Excel via Google Sheets on Ezus: Just go to Templates>Statements or Invoices and then change the font directly.

You will always be able to manually change the font when generating your quotes/invoices (via Google Sheets).

2. Available fonts

As a general rule, the available fonts are those that Google offers.

The list of fonts directly available via the search above is quite long and complete: here it is online via the Google Fonts site.

However, there are other ways to get other fonts.

3. Add more available fonts with extensions

Some users have been faced with a missing font, so they have suggested an alternative like Extensis Fonts.

⚠️ To add more fonts, the "More Fonts" button needs to be managed outside of Ezus as it does not display directly from your documents open on Ezus?

  1. Click on this link to open a slide outside of Ezus from where you can open "Extensions" then "Add-ons" and Download new ones.

  2. Search for Extensis and install it.

  3. Once the conditions are accepted, you can click on "Extensis Fonts" in the "Extensions" tab and then on "Start".

  4. A list of new fonts will appear on the right and you can use them in your document.

  5. Don't forget to copy this slide and paste it into your document on Ezus to find the font available for your document templates.

This technique allows you to have new fonts available but not your own font.

4. To go further

If you still haven't succeeded in configuring your font on Ezus as you want, you can try:

  1. Search for similar fonts
    Some custom fonts are almost identical to fonts available on your document. To do this, a simple google search with "your similar font" is enough, or you can use websites like WhatFontis or Fontspring.

  2. Let him know to Google support
    A discussion is opened with in order to bring the information to the Google technical team. The more we are numerous, the more this feature will be prioritized by them.
    You just have to vote on this link.

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