What's new with Ezus in 2021?
Have you missed an improvement in the software? Find here all the new features of the last months. πŸ’»
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In decreasing chronological order, here are the latest news on Ezus software to discover directly by logging into your account:

December 2021

In video πŸŽ₯ :

In detail πŸ” :

  • Save your accommodations & transportation in your step catalog ;

  • Italian, Portuguese, German and Dutch languages are now available on your suppliers/products/packages descriptions, client space and automatic documents of your project ! Article

  • Assign a title to your product/supplier/package/destination in the language of your choice ;

  • Using dynamic variables, automate the information of your suppliers/products/packages on their visuals (Article) ;

  • Automatic numbering of your invoices (Article) ;

  • You can now add images from your Ezus media library on your suppliers/ products/ packages and projects.

November 2021

In video πŸŽ₯ :

In details πŸ” :

  • Multi-currency: adapt your product prices to the project currency !

  • Add your purchase and sale prices in HT on your product sheets ;

  • Your quotes and invoices can now show short product descriptions ;

  • Set the default client type (individual or company) that you want to have when creating a client ;

  • Add a logo other than your account logo to the client space ;

  • Make the default quantity of the product, on the budget view of the program, depend on the number of people, days, nights of the step, and not only on the project ;

  • You now have the possibility to not choose the end time of a step ;

  • New dynamic variables, helping you to automate the generation of data, are available:

    • the logo of your agency ; the different contacts of your client ;

    • the images of your days ;

    • the number of nights/ days of your stages ;

    • the list of included and optional products of your program.

October 2021

In video πŸŽ₯ :

In detail πŸ”:

  • Using dynamic variables, specify different information about your project alternatives on the final proposal;

  • Add existing products to your packages ;

  • You have the possibility to put your business proposals in portrait format;

  • Work on a new view of your program: the program builder.

September 2021

In video πŸŽ₯ :

In details πŸ” :

  • Client Space: add, name your tabs on the client space. You can also add multiple documents to a single tab ;

  • Preview your invoice and quote templates directly on the Templates tab ;

  • Add seasonal rates to your products, which will adapt to the dates of your projects ;

  • Add flat rates to your products, which will adapt to the number of people in your project ;

  • Add a new product as a step in your program ;

  • On the budget view of your program, use the quick accesses P, N, D in the default quantity of your product, to automate the number generated ;

  • On your program, you have the possibility to add the description of a product or supplier, as you want, to the step.

August 2021

In video πŸŽ₯ :

In details πŸ”:

  • Create and configure your quote templates

  • Customize your invoice templates as you would for your quotes

  • Add several alternatives at once in your project

  • View all your alternatives in a table format

  • Add a product in your project without creating a step

  • Export your invoices on the period of time of your choice

  • Add short descriptions to your steps in the budget view of your program

  • Export the days and times of the projects linked to your product sheet as an Excel list

  • Add custom fields to your accomodation, transportation and steps categories on the custom fields of your settings

  • Add custom documents to the client espace

  • Facilitate your product search in your program by indicating the type of suppliers (activities, lodging and transportation) on your supplier sheets

  • The language of the account you select in your settings is used by default on your new projects and descriptions of suppliers, products and packages

July 2021

In video πŸŽ₯ :

In details πŸ”:

  • Generate a voucher booklet with a QR code system directly in the pocket of your travelers ;

  • Add a search key to all your products to make it easier to find them ;

  • Automatically populate your accomation/transportation address with your supplier's address ;

  • Automate even more information in your final proposal using dynamic variables ;

  • Right click is available on all your Ezus boards;

  • Modify now your margin rate directly in the statistics of your projects;

  • Integrate Typeform to your Ezus account (+ info) ;

  • Add your Map/Route directly in your Customer Area;

  • Define certain parameters in the Product block of your Proposal templates.

June 2021

In video πŸŽ₯ :

In details πŸ”:

  • Manage now your Transports via the program of your project ;

  • Specify the payment method of your customers directly on your invoices ;

  • Preview the visuals of your Suppliers / Products / Packages before generating your final proposal ;

  • Modify the theme of your Client Space via your parameters ;

  • Preview the presentations associated with your program before generating your documents in one click;

  • Modify your rates per person;

  • Automatically save your suppliers' payment dates.

May 2021

In video πŸŽ₯ :

In details πŸ”:

  • Now manage your steps via a step catalog in all your projects;

  • The ability to retrieve an entire program from a project to apply it to an alternative;

  • Add to your projects table columns the project reference;

  • Access the project or the customer record via a task from your main dashboard;

  • On your product sheets, the pricing tab now has general calculation information;

  • Add the package column to your steps in the program tab, budget view;

  • Add the payment date of your supplier in the finance tab.

  • New variables such as budget per person or your client's logo can be used in all your templates;

  • Create projects without a specific date or over a specific period of time;

  • Configure by default some properties of your steps;

  • Specify payment methods for your invoices.

  • Avril 2021

In video πŸŽ₯ :

In details πŸ”:

  • Now manage your quantities using a small multiplication (example: number of people in the project with the number of nights) ;

  • Import an invoice directly via your suppliers in your Projects Finance tab ;

  • Link your steps of a Project to an address to find them in the Map view in your Program;

  • The possibility to rename an alternative to a Project;

  • The steps of a Project can be modified in order to indicate a duration or to delete the schedules of the step;

  • The Client Area is now customizable for each alternative;

  • Import multiple photos/images at the same time into your Media Library;

  • Improved Margin block in your Budget view;

  • Possibility to choose if your customer is an Individual or a Company when creating a Project.

- March 2021

In video πŸŽ₯ :

In details πŸ” :

  • Now manage your Tags with additional colors and filters from anywhere on your Supplier/Package/Product/Customer records;

  • Manage your recoverable VAT and output VAT rates;

  • Create a description template (protrait format, travel diary, day by day program, automated from your project);

  • Add your suppliers to your columns in your Programme steps;

  • Rename the titles of your documents generated in your Projects;

  • Add bubble info to specify to your collaborators information about your client or some of your custom fields.

- February 2021

In vidΓ©o πŸŽ₯ :

En dΓ©tails πŸ” :

  • Now manage your Tags from anywhere on your Suppliers & Packages records;

  • Filter your visual templates ;

  • Manage in more detail your individual and global budgets especially in the Finance section ;

  • Save images and text by Destination (soon to be used in a 3rd document generated in portrait format);

  • Rename the Slides blocks in your Proposal Templates.

  • We are available on the chat to discuss this ️Good discovery and use πŸ”₯

We are available on the chat to discuss this β†ͺ️

Good discovery and use πŸ”₯

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