Exporting Ezus data
How can I export my data from Ezus?
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First of all, the export can be done manually via your account access to retrieve different elements directly :

  • Exporting your data from your tables :

By clicking on "Export" in each of your tables you will be able to export the data from your table into an excel format.

For example here in your Supplier Table :

It also works on the tables of your Customers; your Projects; your Packages; your Products by Supplier; your Products by Project via the Budget tab.

💡 When exporting, only the displayed columns are exported. If you want to add more columns you have to "Edit Columns": ✍️ Personalize your view.

  • Exporting your Invoices :

From your Invoicing table or via each of your invoices you can export the invoice via PDF or via Excel.

You can also export all your invoices to find them in an Excel format.

Via each of your projects find in the Documents section, each generated version and export them directly in the desired format.

Also you can retrieve your Visuals by Product/Vendor/Package/Destinations from their pages directly in the catalog.

You can also upload your Slide blocks or visual templates from your Templates.

Then, it is also possible to request a total export of your data from our team.

A final export takes the form of an excel file in which you will find the following files Customers, Suppliers, Contacts, Documents, Products, Categories, Destinations.

The raw data is included with links to your documents hosted on our servers.

This last one implies a cost of 500€ HT. It is offered in the Premium plans.

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