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What's new with Ezus in 2022?
What's new with Ezus in 2022?
Have you missed an improvement in the software? Find here all the new features of the last months. 💻
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In decreasing chronological order, here are the latest news on Ezus software to discover directly by logging into your account:

December 2022

🎥 Watch a video of what's new for December:

Santa embellishes your finances on Ezus 🪙

  • Your invoices centralized in a single tab

Find all your suppliers' "purchases" and your customers' "sales" invoices in a single space.

  • Discover the statistics related to your invoices

Follow your turnover, your forecasted margins as well as your collected volume thanks to the statistics section.

Customize your analysis with the different filters: choose a specific period, a project manager or even an agency.

  • Follow the forecasted margin of your projects

In the Financials section of your projects, Ezus has added new tables to follow your purchases.

Management - Purchases - Invoice - Margin

The Purchases and Margin sections allow you to follow the delta between your forecasted purchases and your actual purchases, by service and globally.

November 2022

🎥 Watch a video of what's new for November

  • File your images in your media library

We have added filters to facilitate your image searches.

  • Variable Finder: la section "This"

  • Display the location you want on your map 🗺️

Set up your client space and choose between the project sub-destination or the specific city of the step.

🎁 Ezus has some great things in store for you this holiday season!

In December, credit notes will make their debut on Ezus as well as a new chart to manage your financial forecasts on your purchases. 🤗

October 2022

🎥 Watch a video of what's new for October

  • Communicate with your suppliers with Ezus Mailbox

Check your subscription plan. Access to Messaging is only available from the Professional Plan and some advanced features are unlocked on higher plans.

  • Contact directory

No need to go through a customer file to access your contacts!

💡 Tips: you can copy your email addresses and phone numbers directly from the directory.

  • The Pipeline view has migrated

Just as migratory birds prepare for winter, the pipeline view moves in next to the calendar view.

  • Our helpdesk answers your questions!

September 2022

🎥 Watch a video of what's new for September:

  • Discover the new Task Table.

Never miss a task again! From this table you have access to the list of tasks assigned to all users, you can modify them, archive them and of course create new ones.

  • Easily change your products' currency

You no longer need to go to a product page to change its currency, you can now do it directly from your program.

  • All your invoices in a single CSV file

  • Customize the URL of your Customer Space for each of your projects.

Pimp your client space's URL and dazzle your customers!

August 2022

🎥 Watch a video of what's new for August:

Is it already the end of August or are Julying to me ? Here we are for the new releases of the month! 🥵

  • The custom branding gets his little shaping!

As a reminder, you will be able to easily generate your documents and Client Space in white label in case you do not want to display your agency information.

It is accessible by clicking on the row in the Document tab of your Project:

Other than the custom branding part, we have improved the user interface in different places in the software, can you see the difference? 🧐

  • In the quote, you can display or not the selling price of the options

By checking this parameter in your quotation template, the display of the options will be shown in this way ⬇

Its price will obviously not be taken into account in the final budget.

  • You can now add a custom fields as a URL

  • Is your model gallery full to bursting? It is now possible to sort it to better find you.

Similarly, when you need to generate a document, you will also be able to sort your templates to find your way more easily.

July 2022

🎥 Watch a video of what's new for July:

Summer is here and Ezus sends you a little freshness with the new releases of the month! 🏄‍♀️

  • The project calendar is finally available on Ezus!

It is accessible by clicking on the calendar icon in the Project tab 📆
You will be able to find at a glance all your projects in time.

  • Customize the title of your quote and invoice

You can customize the title of your quote and invoice either by using the title of the project by using the variable $$project$$ or by indicating another title. The title referring to the total line is also customizable.

  • Several new variables have arrived

Small addition for the variable, it is now possible to list the description of your products in your proposals.



Long description of all my products present in my first step 1


Long description of all my products in option present in my first step 1


Long description of all my products which are not in option present in my first step 1


Long description of all my products present in my first step 1 of my day 1


  • Regarding the Client Space, your travelers will be able to be directly redirected to Google Map for more interactivity.

After activating your Client Space, insert a Map tab and check Link to Google Maps.

So when arriving on the Client Space Map, a new Map icon will appear to allow travelers to access Google Maps.

  • "Reserved" column

You can now add a column with the status "Booked" to your program. Go to the 3 small dots in your program to edit the columns and select the "Booked" column so that it will appear in your program. You will also be able to add this column to the list view.

You will also be able to find this column reserved in the Finance section.

  • "Currency" column

Another column that you can add is the currency column of your products to know in which currency your products were entered.

In the list view, you will be able to register in one click several products under the same supplier.

June 2022

🎥 Watch a video of what's new for June:

Already mid-year but Ezus has still some suprises left, here what happened in June 🏝 :

  • Personalization of quotes/invoices

You can now change the color of your font

Our quote and invoice need a little shaping ? To the salon !
You can find this personnalization in Models > Documents > Quotes & Invoices
The font called accent 1 matches with the font color of your products.
The font called**accent 2** matches with the font color of the activity block title (transportation, accommodation, day by day).
The principal font color matches with the rest of the document.

Still in the quote and invoice, you can now display the hours stars and end of your steps.

  • Big news for the (futurs) fans of variables with our variable finder! 🔮

Next to our variable index, find more easily all the missing variables to enhance your proposals.

  • Add you accomodation and transportation in your planning !

An additional line is present for your accommodation block where your travelers will be able to see the date and time of their check-in/check-out.
Also for transportation, a start and end time slot will be placed on the schedule.
This setting is adjustable in the Program Schedule view > Click on the 3 small dots.

And always a lot of other outings:

  • The step catalog is now present in Multi-language.

The steps catalog is now present in multi-language.
Follow this article for more information ➡ How do I manage the languages of my steps?

  • 24H/AM-PM format

For all tastes, we have added a time setting in case you want to show the 24H/AM-PM format regardless of the project language.

  • Assign a specific VAT rate

It is now possible! Go to your Program > Margin Calculation > Enter the rate.

  • Tasks by default

By entering tasks in a sample project, they will be directly transferred as default tasks when creating a project from this sample project.

May 2022

🎥 Watch a video of what's new for May:

Ezus put the dose of new features for this month: Variables are in the spotlight!
You will be able to insert in your documents:

  • Dates format variables

New date format with the possibility to include the day of the week and of the month in letters.
Example : Today is Wednesday 4 june 2022 --> $$today.[%A %d %B %Y]$$

Write with today date


Wednesday 1 June 2022

$$today.[%A %d %B %Y]$$

wed 1 jun 2022

$$today.[%a %d %b %Y]$$



  • Variables this : to link the information in your Catalog

Variables and this.step make their entrance in product/supplier/package slides. With these variable, you will be able to insert informations of your steps directly into theses slides.

  • Payments variables

We have integrated payment variables if you wish to include your clients' payments in your proposals.



Payment date

$$ $$

Payment amount

$$ payments.amount $$

Payment amount in %

$$ payments.%$$

N payment date

$$ $$

N payment amount

$$ payment.N.amount $$

N payment amount in %

$$ payment.N.%$$

*N représente le numéro du paiement

  • News concerning the Client Space

You will be able to generate your documents and Client Space as a multi-brand. You will find this feature in the tab Document of your project, there is a wheel in which by clicking on it you can change the issuer brand of these documents. You can then save the new brand as a Profil and use it again on others projects.

You can now insert your own scripts if you wish for example connect your tool as a chatbot or your Google Analytics to check the metrics of the Client Space. You can insert the line code in Advanced Parameters of the Client Space.

Still on the Client Space, you can integrate different web pages inside the Client Space called Iframe to enhance the client experience. You can add your Google Maps itinerary, insert a form or your own website. Here an example of a Client Space for a trip to Punta Cana.

If you create more than 6 tab in the Client Space, a burger menu will be create automatically and will replace the navbar.

  • New invoice/quote template

A new invoice/quote template is available where you can choose the detail level for each type of Steps (Accomodation/ Transport / Activities / Extras). To set it, you can go to your Models > Quote > Save a new model > Select Quote by activities > Click on Level of detail by type > Set the parameters according to what you want to display on the document.

  • Duplicate your products from your Product Catalog

  • Duplicate a step from your Step Catalog

  • Option

You can set a product as an option by default directly on his product info. You can set it by scrolling the left column of the product info until Pricing > Modify Budget Text.

  • Parameter Dates format

The format 12h AM/PM is now available on Ezus. To set it by default, go to your Settings > Default time format.

April 2022

🎥 Watch a video of what's new for April:

What happened in April 🐟?

  • The payment link makes its entrance on Ezus!

You will be able to add it directly on the Customer Area in addition to your final proposal. Its activation requires a small procedure, I leave you with this article to know everything.

  • Attribuer un objet à vos modèles de Slides

You can now assign an object to a visual slide template (product/ supplier/ package) from your Gallery of Slide . Follow this article for more informations ➡ Assign a same slide template for all your products

  • Days Catalog

After the release of the Steps Catalog, here the Days Catalog to save specific days of a project and assign them to another ! - Here the article Days Catalog

  • Planning icons

It is now possible to modify the small icons of the Schedule with your own images. By going to the Schedule of your Program, you just have to double-click on it to modify the image.

  • Customer Area Settings

The title and the Favicon of the documents links are now editable - Find all the details inside the article How to manage your client space?

  • Travellers Listing

The Participant List is now on Ezus ! You will be able to manage the information of your travellers et manage on one place their document. Check-out this article for more information ➡ Participant List

  • Intégration d'Iframes sur l'Espace Client

You can now integrate a Google Maps on your Client Space. You will just need to put the iframe of your map.

Mars 2022

🎥 Watch a video of what's new for March:

We don't keep you waiting any longer, here our releases of March to kick-off spring time 🌼 :

  • New models in the Gallery

New proposals templates are available in our Models Gallery. You can check out this article for more informations.

  • Customer Area Improvements

For the Client Space, you can choose to hide or edit the User Contact. Also for the Map View, you can choose to display or not the name of your suppliers. Lastly but not least, the favicon and the web tabs have been revised for more UI comfort.

  • Display mode HT

The HT mode is available when budgeting for the Program. You can set this view as default in your Settings > Budget > Show sales prices in HT.

  • Addition of Negative Regulations

It is possible to insert a negative line in Finance on the client side in case of a refund. Just enter the amount and add the - sign.

  • Improvements in the management of the steps of a program

Regarding the editing of the stage, we have improved the user experience by a drawer that will be displayed on the right side of the screen and you can directly edit the photos.

February 2022

🎥 Watch a video of what's new for February:

February was full of improvements and new features on Ezus!

  • Day trips

Swap, move, delete or add days in your program by inputting your mouse in-between 2 days in your program.

  • Catalog of days

Product Catalog: catalog giving you direct access to your products without having to go through your suppliers. The creation of products no longer implies linking them to a supplier. This catalog also facilitates your product search by adding them to your project via "Search for a product".

  • Typical programs

You now have a tab called "Programs". You will find there templates of Projects or Steps that will allow you to save precious time -> Typical projects : templates of projects that you will be able to save and use as a basis for sending stays that you sell on a regular basis.
Standard steps: organize your days in a multitude of steps, in a single step or in half a day with 2 steps and insert within these steps groups of products whose price you can modify. You can add your pre-made steps via the catalog button by passing your mouse over + Steps.

  • Management of the tabs on the Customer Area

Espace client has been reworked and now offers you a better interface to manage your tabs and documents appearing on the website dedicated to your customers.

  • URL link customization

Modify the links you send to your customers via the customer area for a better rendering by clicking on the pencil on the right of the link.

  • New variables on product or supplier information

Update new dynamic variables: insert variables related to your products ($$Z.N.products.1$$), packages ($$Z.N.packages.1$$) or your suppliers ($$Z.N.suppliers.1$$).

  • Information Customizable quotes

Estimates in Excel format: Display the price per person by checking the box at the bottom of the pages in Templates > Documents > Estimates. And for a detailed estimate without price select if you want to display the quantities or not on your document.

January 2022

🎥 Watch a video of what's new for January:

In details 🔍 :

  • Automatic recovery of the destinations of your main alternative when creating your alternatives.

  • In the summary table of your alternatives, you can find the Global Budget and Individual Budget functionality;

  • After adding an accommodation in your program, you can now edit the name of your accommodation to hide it from your customers;

  • Editing the name of the possible days on your Budget & Schedule view of the program.

  • Default setting of Long or Short Descriptions of your steps in Settings > Budget as well as their durations with no duration or a duration with a beginning and an end.

  • Automatic filtering of your suppliers to be set by default or not to find them more quickly when searching for a supplier when adding products to the steps.

  • New columns to display on the product search table.

  • Optimization of the product search from 3 seconds to 1/2 second.

  • Image management for your various catalogs.

  • Integrate directly an image linked to an internet link (select "copy the image address" on Google Images for example).

  • New image bank - Pixabay - directly on Ezus for an easy addition of various images.

  • New variable for templates and better formatting of images within them. Format: Classic variable + [center] - Example: $$destination.images.1.[center]$$

  • New static variables in the variables file.

  • Preview of the Visuals to have an idea of the rendering when using the product block in your sales proposal templates ;

  • On the Map view in Program: add products directly in the steps;

  • In Client Space : activate or not the comments & download in PDF on mobile of the documents on Customer Area generated.

  • Quotation templates - new level of details for your quotations: Global Quotation, Detailed Quotation without price & Detailed Quotation.

  • For your new contacts in your customer files, you no longer have to fill in all the elements to create your contact.

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