We are talking about the Qualifications field that appears in the information window of each of your projects.

What is the function of these Fields?

Your Qualification fields allow you to:

  • Customize & classify each of your projects by Type. You can then use this variable in your Proposals or Quotation.
  • Classify your projects via a Reference. This reference can be automatic or entered manually according to your preferences.
  • Inform the Source of the project, i.e. how you retrieved this Prospect. Is it a travel agency? A trade show? A business contributor? An advertisement?
  • Know the Source of the Project who is the originator and owner of the creation. By default it is the account that creates the project but you can modify it.
  • Write Notes about the project. For example during the brief or the qualification of the customer requirement. Also, you can define notes by default.

How do I add new custom fields?

1. Just click on the Settings icon or go to your Settings, chapter Qualification fields.

2. Once in the Qualification Fields page, to add a new field just click on the + button.

3. To modify a Custom Field, simply click on the Edit button.

🔥 Good to know: By playing with the arrows you can determine the order in which your Fields are displayed.

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