Quite simply: create your template library for your team, your different offers, your different customers, your different brands or more!

First of all, there are different types of templates you can create :

🔘 proposal templates.
🔘 custom page templates that can be used in your proposal templates.
🔘 product presentation templates.

          🔘 Your proposal templates.

To find them, simply go to "Templates" then "Proposals".

From there, you can either create new templates or modify or duplicate them.

You have the possibility to add "Chapters" which are different types of pages that you can customize. So the possibilities are endless!

Each of these chapters can be arranged in any desired order. To view or edit, click on the icons on the right.

Once finished, the "Preview" tab allows you to generate your template (generation is not automatic).

  1. Slide.

These are pages in your template that can be customized to the maximum!
That is to say that in this slide, you can add text, images, shapes ... and variables (to learn more: Article - How to insert variables?).

These customizable slides can also be saved as templates to be reused in other proposal templates.

     2. Summary.

The summary allows you to automate your program summary.

You can choose the style of the dates as well as the times of the periods.

In your generated summary, your activities will be automatically added in the slots. 

For example : 

      3. Destination.

Here, this "chapter" will automatically generate the presentation of the selected Destination in your project.

To define the layout of each of your destinations. Simply go to the Destinations tab.

This is where you can customize them.

     4. Products.

This "chapter" allows you to choose where the presentations of your products will be inserted. Their order will be chronological (according to your program).

To add a presentation to your products, simply modify the Visual tab in the product concerned.

     5. Budget.

This "chapter" is used to generate one or more budget pages.

For example:

You can choose the style of the dates and the level of detail of the automatic budget that will be generated. Of course, you can also customize the design of your budget.

         🔘 Your product presentation templates. 

In order to make your work easier and to harmonize your designs, you can modify your product presentations.

By clicking on "Manage my templates" at the top of your library, you can duplicate/add/edit your templates.

If you still have questions you can take a demo with us, or ask us your questions via chat.

It's up to you! 😉

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