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How and what data can be imported into Ezus?
How and what data can be imported into Ezus?
Find out what data you can add directly to your Ezus account and how to do it.
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When starting on Ezus, it is not necessary to start over with a blank sheet of paper. It is possible to integrate data at startup to find them directly on your account.

ℹ️ L'importation des données n'est disponible qu'à partir du Plan Professionnel.

💻 What kind of data can I import?

  1. Customer information (Name, Address, Type, Addresses, Info, Contacts, Logo, Tags ...).
    ⚠️ Import of customer data is limited to 10,000 customers.

  2. Supplier information (Name, Address, Type, Addresses, Info, Contacts, Logo, Tags, Website, Capacity, Description text, Categories, Destinations ...).
    ⚠️The import of supplier data is limited to 10 000 suppliers.
    ✍️ For the classification Categories and/or Destination, please refer to this Article for more information.

  3. Product information (Quantities, Prices, VAT, Tags, Destinations, Categories, Description text ...). You can link them to existing suppliers or packages.

  4. Special rates: flat rate or seasonal.
    For seasonal rates: ideally in the form of dates (xx/xx/xxxx - xx/xx/xxxx) or in the form of a period ("high season summer") if they are variable. It can be specified if it is recurrent from year to year.

    For flat rates: specify quantity levels.

  5. Images with their caption/title and whether they are linked to a specific object in the catalogue (supplier/product/package/destination name).

  6. Presentation visuals (Powerpoint or Google Slide) with the object they are linked to.

  7. Your Projects (Title, No. Pax, Dates, Destinations, Reference, Customer name, User assigned, Customised infos from Brief).

💡 You can also specify in your file if there are specific fields to add.

📦 In what format should I send my file?

Ezus reserves the right to validate or not the final format of your import file. Indeed, for the import to be easy, your file must only mention the information fields presented above:

  1. Only mention the information fields presented above, other information can be imported to be validated with your sales representative.

  2. Either in Excel or CSV format.

For details of the fields that can be imported, here is an example of an import template that you could fill in:

⚠️ Always use the same notations, spelling and punctuation. Otherwise, the data may not be assimilated correctly.

💡 Feel free to share a sample of data with your sales person to validate together what can be done or not.

🔎 More info on importing:

You can send us your files by email or via the onboarding form to be filled in just before the start of your subscription. This service is not free of charge, for more information on pricing please contact your sales representative.

Your Document template can also be configured on your account by our team according to the plan chosen.

✍️ Please note that you can also import your Visuals manually: How to import my presentations?

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