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  • The creation of a business proposal is distinguished by :
  1. Customer requirements
  2. Grid
  3. Program & Budget 
  4. Automatic generation of the proposal with design
  5. Editing of pages if necessary
  6. Export & Send (ppt/pdf/url)
  7. Project Management & Payment status

  1. Recording of customer requirements

After or during reception you can quickly create a quote for your customer. 

Simply click on "Add Project" or click on "Duplicate" to reuse an other project.

Filling the essential elements as Destination, Number of people, Date, Client Contact will automatically save every information directly in your CRM integrated or use the specific visuals for the Destination chosen.

   2. The Grid

By clicking on "Add" or double-clicking in the timetable, you will create a new Activity. 

A new activity is a slot in your program where you will add all your services related (could be displayed in your final summary). It helps you ordering your program.

You can also add activities or services in List or Activity part :

  3. Program & Budget

First, create an activity. Then, add your services (by clicking on Actions +).

You have 2 options : 

  • Create a New service. This is the case if you do not have the service in your Catalog. You can save it in your catalog for your next activities or programs. Also, the prices will be saved for the whole platform.
  • Select a Service in your Catalog. With the filters you can easily find the service(s) suited for the activity and automatically get the visual & prices filled in.

Budget automation goes hand in hand with customization.

You can either modify your services by selecting activities from the timetable and manage your budget from the budget tab and have an overview in an interactive cost table.

The budget is editable in each column, and the information is then saved for your project. 

The button in the upper right-hand corner allows you to choose between a global or individual budget.

Finally, the "Export" button allows you to retrieve your automatic budget in excel format.

   4. Automatic generation of the proposal with design

In the Proposal tab, select the design of your products and programs 😎.

Here is the article : How to customize your own design templates?

Once the template is selected, click on Generate/Use.
Here is the article : Business Proposal Generation.

To modify the visual of a proposal already generated, simply click on Delete and re-select a new template.

   5. Personalization of pages if necessary

Then, you can customize the layout of the program and the budget with the "drag, drop & edit" utility. Modify :

- your format

- your colors

- your different typologies

- your disposition of titles, descriptions, photos

- your header and footer

- the use or not of your logo

- your cover page, contents page

And more than that...

🚨After having applied a manual modification, the Re-generate button will remove the changes not integrated in the automation by reusing the layer.

Here is the article : Where can I find my historic versions?

📍We recommend applying Full Screen (green button). To exit it, just click on the icon with the 4 arrows in the top right corner.

   6. Export & Send (ppt/pdf/url)

To export your visual : click in the Google Slide toolbar on File > Download.

You can also click on Read to get an url link!

Now you can send it and impress your customers 🏆

   7. Project Management & Payment status

In the aftermath of the validation from your client. You can modify the stage of your project to get an overview in your projects.

Here is the article : How can I customize my status?

Also, you can manage the Payments in the Finance tab.

🛎️ For more support, our team can be reached via the chat on the bottom right.

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