Overview of the article :

  1. Registration.
  2. Add your products/services to your space.
  3. Configure your account settings.
  4. Create your first business proposal.

    1. Registration.

Create your account following an online demo with our team.

Access your account with the following link: https://pro.ezus.io/login

📍Bookmark this link in your favorites and make a note of your password.



    2. Add your products/services in your space.

🗄️ In your Catalog, all your files are secured, backed up and shared in real time between your collaborators.

  • To create a new product/service, click Add Product.

In your Product's file, you can modify the Information, the Presentation Visual, the Prices i.e. Services and the Associated Suppliers.

🔎 To add a list of Products, read: How to import data?

To create the visual of your product, 3 options are available to you: 

  1. Select a Product Data Sheet template from your template library or reuse the latest used sheets to save time.
  2. Import a file in ppt format directly and then save it as a presentation or modify it.
  3. Create a new visual if you don't have one specifically or want to start from scratch.   💡You can then save it as a template to reuse in your next products.
  • Start by classifying this Product by assigning it a Destination & Sub-Destination and a Category & Sub-Category.

Simply click on Create a Category for example.

🔎 To know more about : How to order your services?

  • In the Visual tab, you can add/edit/delete a custom presentation of your product/service that will be automatically inserted in your commercial presentations.


  • In the Benefits tab, you can choose the services and rates associated with this product.

For example the product can be a Hotel with different rates depending on the type of rooms, room reservation, rooftop, catering offer etc... 

By creating a new service you can associate it with a supplier (information also available in your Directory) and define default rates that will be reused in your proposals/quotes/invoicing.

🔔 The button "Display default visual" allows you to define customized slides according to the services, which will replace the visual presentation of the product.

🔔🔔Le button "Has personalized rates?" allows you to modify prices according to seasonality (yield-management).

  🎊 Congratulations, you have just created a Custom Product that will be automated in all your future business! 


 3. Configure your account settings.

To access your Workspace Settings, click on the icon in the top right corner. ⚙️
Some parameters are not visible depending on your User Profile. 

🔎 To know more about User management and rights.

Manage here:

  • Your Categories.

This gives the architecture of your catalogue: the combination of the location and typology of your products, services and benefits. All of this is tailor-made 🏄

You can then classify, find and filter more easily!

  • Your Properties. Every account is unique. Choose your customization to enable more automation and be more efficient.

Define, for example, a default VAT rate, or your default fields to be filled in during the customer brief, or your visual identity.  

  • Finally, don't forget to fill in your Profile by adding personal information (such as your email or name) that can be automatically inserted in your future proposals and quotes.

💡Check out also your Sponsorship section for referral benefits.


 4. Create your first commercial proposal.

🎈You've reached the most recreational part of your workspace ⛱️

You will give birth to your programs in incredible time, but above all with unsurpassed quality and conversion rates 🤗

🔎 We've pulled together the guide here: Create my 1s Customized Proposal with Esus? 


🛎️ For more support, our team can be reached via the chat on the bottom right. Or you can also ask for an online presentation: 

🎥 Video tutorials: 

Happy discovering! 😀

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